Computer Education and Educational Technology Curriculum
CodeCourse NameCrdECTS
CET 101Introduction to Educational Technology49
MATH 101Calculus I46
PHYS 101Physics I48
ED 101Introduction to Education 36
AE 111*Advanced English / HSS Elec.33
Total 18 32
CodeCourse NameCrdECTS
CET 102Information Systems in Education and Information Design48
MATH 102Calculus II46
MAT 201Matrix Theory45
PHYS 130Thermodynamics, Waves, Optics and Modern Physics47
CMPE 150Introduction to Computing35
AE 112*Advanced English II / HSS Elec.34
Total 18 29
CodeCourse NameCrdECTS
CET 215Education and Technology37
PHYS 201Physics III46
CMPE 210Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming45
ED 211Educational Psychology35
ED 221Fundamentals of Guidance and Counseling 35
TK 221Turkish I 23
Total 19 31
CodeCourse NameCrdECTS
CET 224Visualization in Education38
CET 282Principles and Methods in Instruction36
TK 222Turkish I I23
CHEM 103General Chemistry I 37
CHEM 109General Chem. Lab12
HSS I** / Unrestricted electiveElective35
Total 15 31
CodeCourse NameCrdECTS
CET 301Visual Programming Platforms in Education 36
CET 321Introduction to Database Management Systems 36
CET 341Instructional Design 37
ED 373***Measurement and Evaluation 36
HTR 311History of the Turkish Republic I23
HSS II** / Unrestricted electiveElective34
Total 17 32
CodeCourse NameCrdECTS
CET 314Computer Networks and Communication 38
CET 322Programming for the Internet 48
CET 372Design and Development of Multimedia 36
HTR 312History of the Turkish Republic II23
HSS III** / Unrestricted electiveElective35
Total 15 30
CodeCourse NameCrdECTS
CET 401Research Methods36
CET 431Project Development and Management37
CET 441Principles of Distance Education 36
CET 451****School Experience 45
ED 401Classroom Management36
Total 16 30
CodeCourse NameCrdECTS
CET 444Community Service in Educational Technology 38
CET 462Practice Teaching in Computer Education 47
CET 472Courseware Development: Design, Development and Evaluation 37
SCIENCE ELECTIVE***** Elective34
HSS IV / Unrestricted electiveElective34
Total 16 30

* Students who passed the English Proficiency Test (BUEPT) (İngilizce Yeterlik Sınavı) with "C" should take AE 111 and AE 112. Those who passed the exam with "A" or "B" should take 3 credit HSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) courses instead.

The following is a list of departments that offer 3 credit HSS courses. Courses that are not offered by these departments can also be HSS. Get the approval of your advisor before adding any courses as HSS, unrestricted, or science elective.

  • ENGL
  • PSY
  • SOC
  • POLS
  • AC
  • ED (other than the required ED courses in the program)
  • AD
  • AE 2XY
  • HIST (courses offered in English)
  • INTT
  • PA 3XY
  • FA 2XY or FA 3XY
  • HUM 101 and HUM 102
  • Foreign Language Courses

** Unrestricted elective courses should be 3 credits. Different course credits cannot be added up to make up a 3 credit course (Ex: A 1 credit course and another 2 credit course together cannot be counted as a 3 credit unrestricted course).

*** SCED 370 can be also taken for this course.

**** You need to complete a certain number of credits to be eligible for this course. You will be notified by the department if you do so.

***** Science Electives in CET (effective starting 2015/2016-3 Summer semester)

  • All 3-credit courses coded as MATH, CHEM, BIO, PHYS (except the ones in the program)
  • STS201 Natural History of the Earth
  • STS230 Theory of Musical Sound
  • STS301 Archeometry I
  • STS302 Archeometry II
  • STS205 Climate
  • School of Engineering
    • Consent of your advisor