First Semester
AE 111* Advanced English / HSS Elective 3 3
CET 101 Introduction to Educational Technology
Introduction to the discipline of educational technology; discussion of constitutive problems of education and technology; developing a critical perspective on the relationship of education and technology; analysis of technologies with educational implications.
(3+0+2) 4 9
ED 101 Introduction to Education 3 6
Math 101 Calculus I 4 6
PHYS 101 Physics I 4 8
Second Semester
AE 112* Advanced English / HSS Elective 3 4
Cet 102 Information Systems in Education and Information Design
Computer hardware. Concepts of data, information, and knowledge, and their interrelations. Data modeling and introduction to database. Information theory; information design and principles. Information systems and their application in education. Message types and design; ergonomy and usability concepts. Web design and web design editors; HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), and graphic editors. Message design for the internet and audio/visual media.
(3+0+2) 4 8
CMPE 150 Introduction to Computing 3 5
Math 201** Matrix Theory 4 6
Phys 130 Thermodynamics, Waves, Optics, and Modern Physics 4 7
Third Semester
Cet 215 Education and Technology
History of technology in learning environments; principles and formats of technology use. Analysis and critique of technology usage in education in light of current learning theories. Designing authentic usage of technologies in education.
(2+0+2) 3 7
Cmpe 210 Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming 4 5
Ed 211 Educational Psychology 3 5
Ed 221 Fundamentals of Guidance and Counseling 3 5
Phys 201 Physics III 4 6
TK 221 Turkish I 2 3
Fourth Semester
Cet 224 Visualization in Education
Examination of static and dynamic visual materials in education: video, animation, simulation, virtual reality and graphics. Principles of visual communication and interaction; formats in visual media such as 2D and 3D. Design, development and evaluation of visual educational media. Interactive video development technologies and their applications.
(2+0+2) 3 8
Cet 282 Principles and Methods in Instruction
Basic concepts and principles of planning in instruction. Learning theories and strategies. Elements of the learning environment and the role of the educational technologist in the learning environment.
(2+0+2) 3 6
Chem 103 General Chemistry I 3 7
Chem 109 General Chemistry Lab 1 2
HSS I***/Unrestr. elective Elective 3 5
TK 222 Turkish II 2 3
Fifth Semester
Cet 301 Visual Programming Platforms in Education
Developing educational software using programming languages. Current visual programming languages and their comparison. Principles and concepts of object-oriented programming. Access to data sources and development of database applications. Using multi-tier applications to access data. Developing applications for mobile devices, and using an extensible markup language (XML).
(2+0+2) 3 6
Cet 321 Introduction to Database Management Systems
Data and data modeling. Relational and object oriented data modeling. Logical database design. Data integrity, normalization, and entity-relationship (ER) diagrams. Structured query language (SQL). Using SQL as data definition and data manipulation language. Database management systems. Analyzing and comparing current database management systems. Physical database design. Database optimization. Use of databases within the scope of educational projects.
(2+0+2) 3 6
Cet 341 Instructional Design
Analysis of instructional environment, learner, content and organization; identification of educational aims; writing instructional objectives; instructional theories and strategies; choosing and developing materials appropriate to objectives, content and environment, designing instruction; developing, applying and evaluating instruction using instructional design theories.
(2+0+2) 3 7
Ed 373**** Measurement and Evaluation 3 6
HSS II***/Unrestr. elective Elective 3 4
HTR 311 History of the Turkish Republic I 2 3
Sixth Semester
Cet 314 Computer Networks and Communication
Origins of computer networks, their constitutive problems and current solutions; designing, examining and maintaining local area networks. The structure of the internet and its applications.
(2+0+2) 3 8
Cet 322 Programming for the Internet
Programming languages used on the internet. Introduction to client-server architecture. Examining languages for client and server side programming. Integrated development environments and editors for internet programming. Concept and usage of "cookies." Sending HTTP requests and responses; connecting and manipulating data sources over the internet. Developing dynamic internet applications for educational purposes.
(3+0+2) 4 8
Cet 372 Design and Development of Multimedia
Multimedia technologies; theories and applications. Examining numerous interaction concepts and types. Educational game design: components of educational games; writing and developing scenarios, using animations and simulations. Development of instructional multimedia using authoring languages: screen design; use of image, audio, video, and speech. User navigation; packaging, publishing, and evaluating instructional multimedia.
(2+0+2) 3 6
HSS III***/Unrestr. elective Elective 3 5
HTR 312 History of the Turkish Republic II 2 3
Seventh Semester
Cet 401 Research Methods in Educational Technology
Introduction to qualitative and quantitative research; concepts and principles of quantitative research, data collection procedures and techniques, and data analysis. Examination of contemporary studies. Designing a research proposal.
(3+0+0) 3 6
CET 431 Project Development and Management
Principles and processes of project management: project planning, budgeting, and monitoring; risk management, time and resource management. Project evaluation and reporting. Project development and management concepts and tools.
(2+0+2) 3 7
Cet 441 Principles of Distance Education
History of distance education; instructional environments using distance education; technologies used in distance education: TV, video, radio and written materials; techniques and methods used in planning, preparing and applying these technologies.
(3+0+0) 3 6
CET 451***** School Experience
School related experiences and observations at the classroom level: classroom management, unit design, class organization and group work for establishing the fundamentals of teaching practice under the supervision of a mentor. Micro teaching practices.
(2+0+5) 4 5
ED 401 Classroom Management 3 6
Eighth Semester
Cet 444 Community Service in Educational Technology
Project selection, planning, development, implementation, evaluation and reporting for formal and non-formal educational organizations.
(1+0+4) 3 8
Cet 462 Practice Teaching in Computer Education
Observation of computer instruction in schools; design of lesson plans, supervised student teaching in the classroom and the laboratory. Sharing and analysis of school experience with peers and advisors. Developing instructional strategies.
(2+0+4) 4 7
CET 472 Courseware Development: Design, Development and Evaluation
Design, development and implementation of educational software. Organization of computer based learning environments. Evaluating educational software in light of human-computer interaction research and contemporary learning theories.
(2+0+2) 3 7
HSS IV/Unrestr. Elective Elective 3 4
Science Elective****** Elective 3 4